Bioprocessing Considerations towards the Manufacturing of Therapeutic Skeletal and Smooth Muscle Cells

Sep 10, 2023

Teresa Franchi-Mendes, Marília Silva, Ana Luísa Cartaxo, Ana Fernandes-Platzgummer, Joaquim M S Cabral and Cláudia L da Silva.

Bioengineering. 2023;10(9):1067.

Tissue engineering approaches within the muscle context represent a promising emerging field to address the current therapeutic challenges related with multiple pathological conditions affecting the muscle compartments, either skeletal muscle or smooth muscle, responsible for involuntary and voluntary contraction, respectively. In this review, several features and parameters involved in the bioprocessing of muscle cells are addressed. The cell isolation process is depicted, depending on the type of tissue (smooth or skeletal muscle), followed by the description of the challenges involving the use of adult donor tissue and the strategies to overcome the hurdles of reaching relevant cell numbers towards a clinical application. Specifically, the use of stem/progenitor cells is highlighted as a source for smooth and skeletal muscle cells towards the development of a cellular product able to maintain the target cell’s identity and functionality. Moreover, taking into account the need for a robust and cost-effective bioprocess for cell manufacturing, the combination of muscle cells with biomaterials and the need for scale-up envisioning clinical applications are also approached.

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