How AMELIE could address unmet needs in treatment of faecal incontinence

Jun 23, 2023 | Latest News

Professor Charles Knowles, Clinical Chief Investigator of AMELIE Project, discusses our research into a novel regenerative medicine strategy to address faecal incontinence caused by sphincter injury. It can severely impact the mental health of patients who cannot control their bowels, as most of the current treatments are ineffective, causing an unmet therapeutic need. Current surgical treatment of sphincter repair doesn’t address the nerve damage that results in the muscle which is essential to allow patients to control their bowels “We need to be restoring the function of the anal sphincter not just atomically pulling it back together”. 

“The AMELIE proposal is unique, no one has done it before”. Watch the video to learn how the AMELIE project partners are developing innovative new treatment options for patients impacted by faecal incontinence.

Click here to learn more about the AMELIE regenerative medicine approach from AMELIE Principal Investigator Professor Richard Day.